30ml paw and nose balm made with 100% natural ingredients .


dogs have to put up with a lot hot pavements in summer and freezing conditions in the winter, so what better way to pamper your pooches with some soothing paw and nose balm to help  soothe dry and cracked skin , also acts as a barrier to protect their paws againts enviromental factors.


safe and completely lickable




Almond oil

Coconut oil 

shea butter

vitamin E



this product is not intended to treat skin conditions , its purpose is to sooothe and moisturize dry and flaky skin .


beeswax is antibacterial and helps paws heel

almond oil nourishes the skin 

coconut oil is natural antibacterial and 

shea butter the vitamins and oils in shea butter help repair dry , flacky pads 

vitamin e moisturizes and replenishes lost oil 

lavender helps stopp  and can calm a dog if a llittle is usedby gently rubbing it into the back of your dogs ear fur and skin by gently massaging but don not overuse apply only small amounts 


application open tin and apply a little amount to dogs paws i recommend not to use more than once a day 




Paw and nose Balm